We have squeezed whole person, bringing it to one point. We have rendered almost our entire body useless. Just think: if I were to ask you whether you would become completely useless if your legs did not work anymore you would say no. Would you become useless if your hands were made useless? you would say no. But if you were asked the same thing about your head, the mind, you would say that you would be finished. It seems we have made our heads, our minds, into everything, our very centre. As if your entire being, your very soul, has moved into the skull and the rest of your person has become lifeless, no soul has remained in it. You are not made useless by cutting of a leg but by cutting off your head. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Man has turned upside down; by putting all the weight into the head, he has gone into a headstand. And with each passing day, we go on increasing the weight. When we send our children to school, they come back home merely with a little more weight in their heads. They are not able to learn anything else there. The do not learn how to love, or how to become angry. Nor do they learn another secret of life. They just make their heads heavier and then comeback. They learn only what can be put into the head, their brains becoming like computers and they come back. All the blood in the body moves to the head; all the strength of the body goes to the head. And if the energy is withdrawn from every where else, the person becomes ugly and crippled.
If today our stomachs have ulcers and a thousand different diseases, then 90% of the time the reasons is that the head is sucking all the energy, not leaving any of it for the other parts of the body. It is not allowing the energy to move into another dimension of life. All the energy is sucked into the head, so what else can happen that the head becoming heavy?  and, as the head becomes heavy, man’s person turns upside down.
In life there should some education which does not centralise people just in the head. You should learn some other things too, which distribute the personality to the body, which take it to all parts of the body. The Soul should not be left to just the head; it should pervade each and every pore of our being. The soul should enter every pore of the body. And when the soul enters the whole life of a person, one can feel the soul even in the touch of his hand. You will feel the soul even if you touch his foot. The soul will be spread in each and every pour of his body, it will not shrunken. Such a person will never say that he is not the foot, that he is the head. He will say ” I am all these, I am the sum total of all these”. And he will live this wholeness. But we have never lived like this.