Only a male mind can be a master. To be a master means to be aggressive. A woman cannot be aggressive. Woman, by her very nature, is receptive. A woman is a womb, sot the woman can become the best disciple possible.   it is very difficult for a man to become disciple, it is very simple for a woman to become a disciple.
The master disciple relationship is a man woman relationship. You may not have looked at it that way but try to look at it that way. The disciple is receptive, the disciple is a womb. That is why it is very difficult for males to become disciples – some reluctance some resistance, some fight, some ego continues.  IT is very difficult for a man to become a disciple. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The greatest disciples have always been women: Mary Magdalene was the greatest disciple Jesus had, but she could not become an apostle, she could not become a master. Yes, Buddha was also surrounded by beautiful, tremendously capable women. Mahavira had forty thousand sanyasins – thirty thousand women and ten thousand men. The proportion has always been so. Four disciple come – three are women and one man. And that one man is not very reliable, he may have come for the women. That danger always exists.
But the greatest Masters have always men. Now this is a paradox, but this is how it is – because a master has to go out in a thousand and one ways, to work on you. A master has to move out – to help you, to hold your hand to protect you, to shock, to drag, into the unknown to push you. He has to do a thousand and one thing which are aggressive that is why . It has nothing to do with the male oriented society. Even in the future, when all inequality has been established absolutely man will be a father and woman will be the mother. And miracles don’t happen.