Attainment of truth demands effort and discipline. But we start believing; we are scared, frightened people. We fall at anyone’s feet, we hold anyone’s hand and want to get an explanation of life. We want to cross the river and we lifted up with the help of any Guru, any holy man, any saint. That is impossible. That is absolutely impossible; There is nothing more impossible than that. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Freedom is the essential condition of consciousness.
How can our consciousness be free? How can we free and release our consciousness? How can we bring a mind that is bound, imprisoned in patterns out of the prison? The greatest problem that human beings face is the release and freedom of their consciousness. the question is not about a God, the question is about the freedom of consciousness.
People come and ask me if there is a God. I tell them, ” Forget about God; tell me, is your consciousness free?” If someone asks me if there is a sky, if someone asks me if there is a sun, what should I tell him? I would ask him, ” Are your eyes open?” The sun exists, but the question is whether his eyes are open or not. The sun exists, but to see the sun you must have open eyes. Godliness exists, but the consciousness has to be open for Godliness to come into being. How can a confined mind and closed eyes see it?
A  person who is obsessed with belief has closed eyes and a constrained mind. When someone has made  up his mind about a point of view, he already has some kind of concept; before getting to know, his mind is already closed. He has shut his doors. Than he asks, ” Is there a God? does truth exists?”
For a closed mind, there is certainly no truth or any God. The real question is not whether God exists or not, nor whether there is a soul or not, nor wether truth exists or not. The real problem is, does that person have a consciousness which can know? Without that consciousness there never has been, a never will be, a way to attain life or to know the meaning of life. Only someone whose intelligence is totally free and has gained the ability to perceive is capable of knowing.