Building a genuine relationship does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of little efforts and tonnes of intent to make the relationship sustain. Here are a few sayings by using which you can start the journey for both you and your partner towards a more fulfilling relationship –

“I was thinking of you.”

We may think about our partners for hours in a day and yet never let them know. We expect our actions to speak. But sometimes, it’s the words that your partner explicitly needs to hear. It’s important to let them know that they are on your mind even if they are not in the same space as you. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

“I support you.”

Instead of always offering advice and solutions to your partner, try and let them know that first and foremost, you believe in them and their abilities. Identify their strengths and point these out to them along with examples of situations where they used these strengths.

“You help me grow.”

Our partners help shape a major chunk of who we are, they contribute to our growth on a daily basis. So each time you feel this way, show your gratitude to your partner.

“I respect you.”

More than loving someone, it is important to respect them. Love might fade with time but respect does not.