Sahil Gadhavi
“Yes” is a powerful word. It can mean several different things depending on the context but most importantly it shows approval. An intent to do something. People do not say it often enough.
On the other hand, we say “No” all the time. But saying no is not always just actually uttering the word. There are many ways of saying “No” other than saying the word out loud. When you are fiddling away on your phone, you are saying no to everything else around you. When you are standing with your arms crossed in public, you are saying no to everyone who could potentially come and talk to you. When you are not paying attention to someone talking to you, you are saying no to them. When you postpone that vacation, hoping you will do it some other time because there is more work to be done, you are saying no to it altogether. We all know, that rarely happens, if ever. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
There are many other ways, but the point is that we end up saying no to so many more things and people, than we say yes to. If you could imagine what your life would’ve been like had you just said yes to so many things that you wanted to, but said no instead for any of the reasons mentioned above, would you have done things differently?
If you have seen the movie “Yes Man”, you know where this is going. If you haven’t, it is an excellent use of two hours. Just say yes and watch it. Anyway, it is not a good idea to say yes to everything of course. It is perfectly fine to say no to things you do not want to do. But, it becomes essential to be clear in the reason why you don’t want to do things. And besides, we miss out on so much life just being distracted by all the technology around us that we do not even know all that is happening just around us which we could be a part of. So, saying “no” to them is not even a consideration.
Simply paying more attention to the things happening around you can lead to a lot more opportunities for you to say yes. There is a lot more life outside of your phone and work.
It is better to have lived one moment fully than have lived a hundred distracted days