By Swami Anand Kul Bhushan
Two sharply dressed young men drive out in a shiny Rolls Royce in Amsterdam to see what the Osho Mevlana Commune is all about for their serial ‘Cult Status’ directed by Loran von Liebenstein.
Here is a light-hearted view of Osho’s vision and Dynamic Meditation with slick camera work by Peter de Jong uploaded on You Tube recently.
On the way to the commune, the presenters talk about India, its culture and gurus focusing on Osho and his vision of celebrating life instead of inflicting pain on yourself. “What’s wrong if Buddha is dancing in a disco?” asks Osho in answer to a question. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Osho has 96 Rolls but he was not attached to any one of them, says a presenter. “’Celebrating life’ is Osho’s core message as he is against self-inflicted pain to reach God. It’s not evil to be wealthy to have fun and laugh.”
A Spiritual Playboy
A clip of Osho’s provoking grammatical analysis of the four-letter word F**K is also shown. In answer to a question, Osho proclaims, “I’m a spiritual playboy.”
They are welcomed by Swami Prabuddha (Charles Balcombe) who has visited Oshodham many times over the past years for meditation camps, Mystic Rose and other groups.
As they reach the commune which has 25 residents, Prabuddha, who works as a chef in a restaurant, explains that everyone shares the work joyfully to keep it going while living up to Osho’s vision.
Celebrate Everything
“We celebrate everything, both positive and negative,” he says, “Recently, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer,” he says, “When I heard this news, I directly confronted myself and totally accepted it.”
“Osho is available NOW,” he goes on, “Although I didn’t see him in his body but I can experience him through meditation.”
That’s when he explains Dynamic Meditation, the new technique for the new age. The two presenters put on maroon robes and go all out into this meditation.
“Wow, this was something else,” gushes one of them when it’s over. “It forces the demons out of us,” says the other. “Yes, it is very physical and hyperventilates that looks crazy from the outside but liberating inside, comments the first one.
Inner Caveman
“All your life, you are told to keep your emotions to yourself, not to scream; but here you can get your inner caveman out with screaming. It’s very liberating, whatever comes, flows out from inside your body,” concludes his friend, “Let’s do it again.”
What’s unique about this documentary is the presenters actually take part in Dynamic Meditation, and experience it, before pronouncing judgements on the technique, unlike most others. Their smiling and open attitude enlivens the entire episode with a celebration of life.
Yes, you just have to watch it. NOW.