Nandita Kochar

  1. Depression Does Not Always Need A Good Reason To Happen

Sometimes people become depressed after they lose a job or separate from a partner. These along with many others, seem to be a reason good enough to trigger depression. However, in case of clinical depression, there’s no need for a reason. A certain chemical imbalance in the brain is enough to cause you depression, even if everything is going great in your life.

  1. Depression Is More Than Just Your Regular Sadness

Sadness is an extremely natural response to a painful situation. All of us experience sadness on a very regular basis. But depression is not just sadness, it is a sadness that has been persistent for a long time along with other symptoms like effect on mood, sleep, appetite and activity (at least for 2 weeks). Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

  1. There Are Many Things That Can Cause Depression

Sometimes you can pinpoint to a single thing that triggered the depression, other times it seems to be a mix of genetic, psychological and environmental causes.

  1. Young Ones Are Not Immune To Depression

While adulthood brings along a larger chunk of issues as compared to childhood – there’s bills to pay, dates to go onto, work deadlines to meet – there are stresses while growing up too. These could include academic pressure, bullying, child abuse and more. And these can cause depression in the young ones.

  1. Depression Is A Real Illness

You are not seeking attention or acting crazy. Depression has been accepted universally as a mental illness caused by certain chemical imbalances in the mind. This imbalance involves neurotransmitters that regulate mood, sleep, activity and appetite. 
What triggers this imbalance could be a genetic, psychological and/or environmental cause.

  1. Depression Is Treatable

Just like you do not live with a fever which a physical illness, you do not have to live with depression. Many medications and psychotherapies have been proven effective when it came to curing depression. If you do not seek treatment soon, your health is likely to deteriorate.
If our physical health needs attention, we rush to a doctor. Then why ignore our mental health?