As waves come with water and flames with fire, so the Universal wave with us.
Let us first understand what is Wave. and then we can feel how consciousness of waves can help us enter into a deep meditation. You see wave in the ocean. They appear; they are in a sense, and still in a deeper sense they are not. This is the first thing to be understood about a wave. The wave appears it is there in a sense, but still it is not there in a deeper sense. In a deeper sense only the ocean is. You cannot have a wave without the ocean, and even while the wave is there, only the ocean is. The wave is just a form not a substance. The ocean is substantial; the wave is just a form.
Because of language many problems are created. Because we say wave, it looks as if a wave is something. It would be better if we use not wave, but waving. There is no wave, just waving – just an activity not a thing jus a movement, not a substance just a process not matter. the matter is the ocean; the wave is just a form. The ocean can be silent. The waves will disappear, but the ocean will be there. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The ocean can be silent or in movement or in much activity or in no activity, but you cannot find a silent wave. A wave is activity not a substance. When the activity is there the wave is there. It is a waving, a movement – a simple form of inactivity comes the wave is no more and the ocean is there. In both the cases the ocean is the reality. The wave is a just a play for. The wave happens and disappears the ocean remains.
Secondly, wave appear as individuals. Each wave has its own personality – unique, different from any other. No two waves are similar. Some waves are big some waves are small. They have their own peculiar characteristics. Each wave has its own character, and, of course, each wave is different from the other. One wave may rise, another wave may die. While one is rising, another is dying. Both cannot be the same because one is rising, another is dying, still the reality behind both is the same. They look different, they look separate, they look individual, but the look is fallacious. Deep down only one ocean is, and no matter how they look unrelated they are related. And while one wave is rising and another is dying you may not see any relationship, the relationship may not appear, because how can a rising wave be related to a dying wave?
Now I will read the sutra again: As waves come with water and flames with fire, so the universal waves with us. We are just waves in a cosmic ocean. Meditate on it, Allow this feeling to go deep down within you.Start feeling your breathing as just the rising of a wave. You breathe in, breathe out and the breath that is entering you was someone else’s breath just a moment before and the breath that is leaving you will become someone else’s breath the next moment. Breathing is just waving in the ocean of life. You are not separate – Just waves. You are one deep down. We have a togetherness, individuality is false and illusory. Hence, the ego is the only barrier. Individuality is false, It appears to be, but it is not real. The real is the non individual, the oceanic, the togetherness.