My Experience At Osho Nisarga, Meditation Retreat Centre in Himalayas, Dharamshala


Sometimes you have so many things running on your mind, despite your best effort of making your mind calm you still have a lot of things running and that’s the moment Travelling comes as a solace to me. For the first time I opted to visit Osho Commune called Osho Nisarga in Dharamshala and I totally enjoyed every single moment at this place. I attended the way of the heart program and I am feeling so blessed. Osho gives you a complete different perspective and that’s something each one of you should possibly experience once for sure. Osho Nisraga is located in Dharamshala. You can reach here by flying down to Kangara Airport and from there this place is about 9 KMs. You need to get down at Sheela or ask for Sheela Circle. If you loved this video and love my work, you should subscribe to my instagram feed