Whenever you are being loved by someone you create around you an illusion that you are needed by the existence – atleast by someone. You are needed by someone, so you are not just futile. You are not just accidental – you are needed somewhere. Without you the existence will miss something. That gives you a feeling of well-being. You feel a purpose, a destiny, a meaning, a worthiness.
When you are not loved by someone you feel rejected, you feel denied, you feel meaningless. Then you feel there is no purpose, no destiny. If no one love you and you die, there will be no feeling of your absence, it will not be felt that you are nomore. No one will feel that you were, and now you are no more. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Love gives you the feeling of being needed. That is why in Love one becomes or feels less afraid. Whenever Love is not there you become more fearful, and in fear, as a protection, you become hateful. Hate is a protection. You are afraid of being destroyed; you become destructive. In love, you feel that you are accepted, welcome – not an uninvited guest, but rather that you are invited, welcome, waited for, received, that the existence is happy that you are. The one who loves you becomes the representative of the whole existence.
But this love is basically fear based. You are protecting against fear, against death, against the inhuman indifference of existence.
Really, existence is indifferent – atleast on the surface. The sun, the sea, the stars, the earth they totally indifferent to you; no one is worried about you. and it is apparently clear that you are not needed. Without you everything will be as good as it is with you; nothing will be lost. Look at the existence superficially; no one, nothing, cares about you. They may not even be aware of you. The stars are not aware of you, even the earth which you call mother is not aware of you. And when you die the earth will not be sad. Nothing will have changed; things will be as they are and as they always have been. With you or without you, there is no difference.