As the entire world is helpless and is facing a threat via the Corona Virus, it has spread its evil wings over India as well. Before we move to the astrological and tarot predictions on corona, let us first discuss the origin of corona on spiritual basis. The coronavirus did not manifest from nowhere. We have been giving a very sadistic treatment and manipulating the animals in the form of killing and torturing them to satiate our stomachs. Now, our own karma has come back to haunt us. It is time for humanity to learn the lessons of the animal world. This epidemic is the karmic result of our own ignorance and disregard of other species that began in China and that has visited us before.  How we treat animals affects entire ecosystems and habitats, the only real wealth we as a species have.

As Martin Luther King quoted

One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.” 

The primary reason for this disease is a collective karmic cycle.   

Looking at it with astrology and Tarot

The root cause of all illnesses in our body is the planet Rahu. The origin and spread of corona has happened because of this . Along with this the planet Saturn has entered mars on 21st march. This will impact mankind by making them more vulnerable to this disease.

All the light and life on earth is governed by the planet Sun. Sun will enter Aries on 14th April. So after 14th April vulnerability of people will decrease and their immunity will increase. A cure or vaccine will be found to this disease after 14th April. However this virus will wipe out after the month of June but its effects will be felt now and then till the month of September. However, according to the situation in the horoscope, Jupiter and Ketu are going to be readjusted from June 30 to September 19. This adjustment could indicate the possibility of another virus outbreak or unrest in the world which will be similar to a war like situation.

China will lose whatever little goodwill is left of it in the entire world. Though China seems to be showing that it is recovering economically but it will get financial setbacks in unexpected ways and will be set aloof.

The USA, South America, Europe, Italy will undergo the most terrible economic crisis ever. The economic crisis will start getting better in the year 2023.The relation between US and Iran will worsen and will create war like situation. According to cards, Trumps will face a lot of criticism. Donald Trump, born 14 June 1946, is a Gemini, an air sign represented by the twins. He will be faced with a major crisis. Cards guide that he should lean on the lady in his life to re-evaluate and reconsider the recent decisions he has made. He should rely on Melania Trump to make the right decision which will save him from all oppositions and criticisms he is facing at present.

Guidance Card

Whatever your religious orientation is, you need to remember that your survival in this world is based on compassion. It is time to go back to your roots and adopt a holistic and saatvik lifestyle. ‘Save the planet” is a false expression. The planet was here before we arrived and will kick us out if we don’t respect it. Create good karmas if you want to save yourself from further crisis. Last but not the least, love and respect nature, animals and birds.