Our parents never planned for us. They never consummated to produce a perfect boy or girl. They were actually having fun in the bed and our birth is accidental. Imagine the huge competition between the billions of life carrying eggs in a woman’s womb. Only one egg gets the chance and we are born.
So the egg carrying our life has to reach our mother’s womb at the right time and at the right place to make use of the opportunity. Neither my mother nor father made any efforts to make the egg reach my mother womb a the right time, actually they do not even know something like this happening inside them biologically. So it is a hugely strong accident that creates the life.
Hence Life is a gift. We have not earned it. Hence we have to be grateful for everything that the life has given us. This gratefulness is the religion. Once we understand that Life is a grace, a gift, we start feeling grateful.
Ordinarily people have a complaining mind. A complaining mind is neither loving nor living. It is blind and deaf towards all wonderful gifts life has given and also towards all the opportunities that life has created. It is such an incredible world, such a wonderful existence, such a tremendous mystery. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Never complain, feel grateful.
Gratefulness is the biggest prayer. So whenever the mind makes a complaint immediately become aware about it, drop it immediately and start counting all that you have got without being asking for in life. You are suddenly filled with enormous gratefulness and you see the whole new world filled with enormous benediction.
Anything wrong has never happened to you. It is the complaining mind with keeps hankering for unhappiness. Once the complaining mind is gone, Happiness arises and then you wait with much trusting heart for life to give you what you want at its own time. It comes when you are relaxed and ready to receive it. Just as we accepted life in when it happened to us.
Meditations, Astro Profiling, Tarot Reading, can help you drop your complaining mind.