Osho says,  there should be no duality, no sense of two. Only one should remain. And the day there is no distance remaining between you and existence, when you no longer even feel, ” I am the knower and the universe outside is the one to be known,” the day there is no distance between even the knower and the known, when all duality disappear, all barriers fall and you become one with existence – just as a dew drop falls from the lotus and becomes one with the pond – the day when there is such a meeting between you and the existence, only then is worth knowing becomes known.  Only on that day will what is known not be lost again. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Only that which is known brings liberation. Science bestows power. but not liberation – because science  can only give us facts, which are useful, but it cannot give us eternal truth. There is only one process in the search for eternal truth, that is to experience oneness.
But it is very difficult because all our ways of perception are based on the intellect. From where we look, everything turns into two now, I am talking, you are listening : this one phenomenon. This speaker, here, is at one end and the audience, there is at the other – but the phenomenon is one. What is happening here is one single phenomenon. Talking and listening happening here. But it is not two things. At one end talking is happening and at the other end, listening. These are two poles of the same experience- the experience is one. But as you start to think, the speaker and the listener becomes separate.
As the moment of listening when your mind is not at work but silently is listening, then there are not two. at the moment of talking, when the mind is not doing anything, is not thinking about anything, pure speech and pure listening meet – only one remains. Neither the speaker is there no the listener is there, this is the point where understanding and dialogue happens. But where the speaker is separate and the listener is separate then there will be only arguments… arguments will keep moving around inside.
Infact the deeper we go within, the more we realise the oneness the moment we return to thinking it appears that things have become divided again, they have become two, that they have become separate. The one who is speaking and the one who is listening becomes different. This duality is to be dropped through mediation.