We are also on a slippery road where the faster you go, slower is the speed – because you are going away. If somebody looks at the goal, then you are going astray. Your speed is dangerous, it is against the goal, because no speed is needed. You have just simply to stop and look.
People say, ” When will we get enlightenment”? When? ” If they are told,”Now” they cannot believe. And I tell  you now. If you miss this now, then other now – but always now. There is no other time. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Whenever it happens it will happen in the Now, and whenever it happens it will happen in the here. Here and Now are not two words, just like time and space are not two words. Einstein used a new term: Spaitiotime. He made one word out of two words, because he found scientifically that time is nothing but the fourth dimension of space, so need to use two words.
And here and now are also not two words. Thousands of years before Einstein, mystics like Sosan were aware of that. It is no where. These two words are to joined, they are one, because now is nothing but a dimension of here – the fourth dimension. Nowhere is one word.
And whenever it happens it will happen in the no where. It can happen just now, no need to wait ! But you are irresolute and fearful – that creates the problem.
What is the meaning of being fearful? What is the situation inside when you are fearful? – You want it, and you don’t want it also. This is the situation of a fearful mind: he wants to go and he does not want to go because he is afraid. He would like to but he is not certain, irresolute.
Jesus always used the word fear many times, against faith. He never used disbelief, distrust against faith, he would always use the word fear against faith. He said those who are not afraid they become faithful, because faith is resolution. Faith is a decision, a total decision. You move totally in it, it is a trust, with nothing to be held back, unconditional. It cannot be taken back. If you have moved totally, you will take it back?