Jewish religion, like Zen, it based only on the formless and does not permit the worship of forms Judaism has not given freedom to people. It is not just an accident that all the revolutionaries have come from the Jews. It is a rebellion. from Jesus to Freud all the revolutionaries have come from the Jews. Why, no other religion has created so many revolutionaries – no other religion is so restrictive. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
If religion is free, the revolutionary has nothing to do there. Hinduism has not created any revolutionaries. Buddhism has not created any revolutionaries. Why? because the freedom is total! what is the point?
If Jesus had been born in India, nobody would have thought about him that he was a revolutionary. People would have allowed, because there is no question – who is there to allow or not to allow? it is everybody’s own choice.
Because Jews have not been following forms, Jesus was born. And Jesus became the form of God for Christians, for millions of people. And then it has been happening again and again.
Marx comes out of Jews, and Elbert Einstein, and Sigmund Freud. Why? The religion is very restrictive. It does not have the flavour of Zen.
And when we talk about Jews, we leave aside the Hasid masters. They have the flavour of Zen. But Jews don’t accept them either. they are thought to be rebellious and whenever a religion becomes too much interested permitting and not permitting, it becomes ritualistic, dull, dead. It becomes formal.
Just see the point : Jews talk about the formlessness of God and their whole religion has absolutely formal! Just ritualistic. Nothing of the interior, nothing of the heart. Just a social formality.