It is related that a Dervish once stopped a king in the street.
And why in the street because a king is always and always moving. He is always searching for more, he is always in the street, he is always on a journey, because there are many things yet to be attained.
When Alexander came to India, Diogenes asked him – a very rare man, Diogenes …….naked he lived like Mahavira, an utterly blissful man. He asked Alexander, ” Where are you going?”
Alexander said,” I am going to conquer the whole world!”
And Diogenes asked, ” than what? than what will you do?”
Alexander was little puzzled because nobody had asked this: ” than what?” He shrugged his shoulder and than said, ” than I will rest”. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
And Diogenes started laughing – that mad laughter. Only enlightened people can do that. Embarrassed, Alexander said, ” Why are you Laughing?” He said I am Laughing because I am resting right now!
He was lying down on the bank of a river, naked, it was early morning. fresh air and sun was rising and the birds were signing, and it was all beatitude and he said, you fool! I am resting and you will rest when you have conquered the whole word. Than what is the point? If I can rest without conquering the World why can’t you? Come on ! Lie down by the side of me! and this bank is so big, it can take both of us. There is no problem, no competition. ”
Alexander was hypnotised by this man. He said you are right. Nobody has dared to say such things to me. I see the point , but right now I cannot stop because I am in the middle of my journey, I am on the road. I have to conquer and finish things, than I will come.”
Diogenes said, you can go. But remember, this road is endless. You will never be able to come back. ”
It is never completed.  Who has ever been able to complete it. Death comes before! and it happened exactly like that. Alexander could not come back. He died. Never came back to his country, he died in the middle. And the moment he was dying, only Diogenes was in his mind. In that moment just think how poor he must have looked to himself, and how rich Diogenes was – How beggarly he was. Begged and Begged and Begged….. and to no point! and was dying.
It was because of the memory of Diogenes that he told his generals, ” when you take my body to the cemetery let my hands hang out in the procession out of casket”
Why the Generals asked?, ” because we have never heard of any tradition like that.”
He said, so that everybody can see that Diogenes was right – I am dying empty handed. Let them see my hands! my whole life was empty and I am dying empty handed, nothing in my hands.”