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Happiness Program | Meditation | Yoga Classes in Noida | HappyHo

We are constantly barraged with website, messages about how and what constitutes good life. Usually media associates it with wealth, fame or beauty. Politicians claim “nothing matters more than economy growth”. But do these things bring happiness? For many years, people have talked about philosophy, grandmotherly and religion, wisdom for answers to all these questions. […]

Art of Living Courses and Yoga Classes nearby Noida

With Art of Living Courses and Yoga Classes you get to learn the holistic way of life, integrating different elements of meditation and Yoga.  Art of Living Courses make a prayerful chastisement uniting our mind, body, and soul. Accompanied by a series of simple and effective breathing techniques and yoga postures, the classes emphasize greatly […]

Changing your life with Reiki Healing

The practice of Reiki healing helps in quick functioning making you feel better. And the fast and better functioning plays an important role in making better choices in life— yes, you guessed it right—feel good and function better through Reiki Healing.With a daily practice of Reiki healing getting incredulity and vibrancy in life is no […]

Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today – Happyho

Today, everyone is constantly moving faster, getting busier in every direction. A lot of us feel that they don’t even have even 5 minutes to take a breath or take out time for meditation.This lifestyle is making us feel unorganized, anxious, and stressed. It is important to dedicate at least few minutes every day to […]

Tarot Card | No#1 Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading Course is a lot more than just an average course as students get to learn different Tarot Card Meanings while the teacher explains each and every point. This article will help you guide about the important highlights of pursuing the No#1 Tarot Card Reading Course giving a confident, professional level Tarot Card […]

Best Tarot Card Reading Course in Noida, Delhi

Tarot Card Reading - Dr. Nonah Khanna

How can a pack of cards tell anything about our future? Is usually the first reaction of anybody ignorant of not experiencing mystical ways where Tarot cards can cause a real difference in the manner we tend to perceive and deal with the challenges of our lives.15th century, many legends have explained about their origin. […]

Chakra Healing Therapy Teacher Training in Noida, Delhi

All the things in this universe radiates energy, right from the biggest mountain to the tiniest part of grass, or an individual cell of a human body. All the body cells radiate energy in various forms, where different cells emit different forms of energy depending on its location in the body, and their working.Different techniques […]

Reiki Healing-The Art of Healing and Living

Reiki Healing is a Japanese practice used for healing physical and mental trauma, along with supporting spiritual well-being and mental clarity. In Japanese, “Reiki” refers to Cosmic healing energy which permeates all entities (living and non-living), guiding the core functioning of the world. It is basically defined as life-force energy which is guided spiritually. It’s […]

Get Rid of Negative Energy Through Aura Clearing

What is an aura? A living being contains Universal Life Energy, which forms an electromagnetic field called aura. It is created with the flow of life energy around a living body. A lot of paintings based on religious themes illustrates halos, which is a small part of aura.The aura one emits is an evident indicator […]