What is an aura? A living being contains Universal Life Energy, which forms an electromagnetic field called aura. It is created with the flow of life energy around a living body. A lot of paintings based on religious themes illustrates halos, which is a small part of aura.The aura one emits is an evident indicator of physical, emotional, mental state. While a weak body is prone to various diseases, having a weak aura, a clear strong aura reflects your principal values and an overall well-being. It is basically a mirror to the soul, vitality, experiences, character, strength and more. An aura is a spiritual signature of a living being. Here we will discuss the simple methods of Aura Clearing, and how it can make a big difference to your life. A person’s aura is just like his energy clothing. Consider it like an energy trench coat helping you deal with bad weather. As the trench coat gets dirty with pollutants and dirt from the environment, similarly your aura also gets attracted to negativity or bad vibes.  As a matter of fact, aura is known to have magnet-like quality that attracts or absorbs negative energy floating all around us— also known as “bad vibes.”

Talking of negative energy or Bad vibe, it is the vibration that outflows when a person undergoes any negative emotion like fear, jealousy, regret, desperation, sorrow, anger, rejection or hopelessness. All these can affect the atmosphere and the individual experiencing negativity. These emotions may lead to a fluctuation in your mood making you dull and pessimistic that can also make you sick. All these things can also affect your relationships and affecting a big portion of your aura. As all this is far beyond a human body, it becomes a gateway to the external energy. This is why it is very important to clean our aura frequently.

When it comes to getting Rid of Bad Vibes, few methods like the ones stated below can help you a lot in cleansing your aura:

  • Using Healing Instruments like, singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs and conch, by producing powerful vibrations tend to cleanse your aura. Take any instrument that you can use and feel it is right for you. After that, take a quiet place to focus on the instrument’s sound feeling its vibrations are powerful enough to interact with you. Repeat it for at least ten minutes till the sound vibrations dissipates all the negativity from the aura.
  • Chant Aum, where “Aum” is a primordial sound, the word of creation containing all other sounds in totality. Chanting it loudly numerous times may purify the aura and the atmosphere. While vibrating at the same wavelength, it instantly connects a person to the universal life force. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
  • Deep Breathing with Visualization is another method to cleanse all the negativity and clear your aura. Sit down in a quiet corner comfortably, and relax your body to deep breathe. Simply Imagine yourself sitting under a shower of light; serene golden light. Imagine your mind’s eye, cleansing all the negativeness and impurities, while seeing the light flowing all over. Repeat it for 10 minutes, after which take few deep breaths before opening your eyes slowly.
  • Taking Warm Bath by adding three tablespoons of crystal or sea salt helps in getting all the negativity away. Avoid using chemicals like soap. Soak yourself in the bath and imagine the water percolating through the different layers of your aura, kicking out all the negativity from your body, leaving it cleansed and bright. You can also add salt to a big bucket of water or rub it gently on the entire body before taking a shower. For both the cases, conceive the water washing all the negativity away from the aura.
  • Smudging Your Aura is an ancient technique of purification, practiced by ancient civilizations like Indigenous Americans and the Egyptians. Here is a way to do it. Light the smudge sticks with thick incense, outlining the whole body with smoke. It works even better when someone else does it for you as they can easily walk around you. The smoke drawn out omits all negative energy from your body and neutralize sit to purify the aura.
  • Swinging And Running: results in pushing through the negative air resulting in cleansing the aura. But just a normal run is not good enough. run in such a manner where your arms can move freely at a speed you are comfortable in.

Ideally, one should clean his aura every single morning and night. Try and Make it an essential part of the spiritual hygiene, just like brushing your teeth is an important component of physical hygiene. By practicing it daily, you tend to protect your inner being against emotional, spiritual, physical illnesses, along with promoting healthier personal relations and complete wellness.Aura clearing is extremely simple, and yet can make a huge, profound energy shift in one’s life. Try it yourself, and feel the amazing difference.