All the things in this universe radiates energy, right from the biggest mountain to the tiniest part of grass, or an individual cell of a human body. All the body cells radiate energy in various forms, where different cells emit different forms of energy depending on its location in the body, and their working.Different techniques of chakra healing maintains the energy body balance for great mental, physical and emotional health.

It come as no surprise, that given the uniqueness of our body’s energy, several channels located on our body’s key points through which energy flows in and out constantly. These points are termed as chakras.

Basically, chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit language, though it doesn’t resemble like wheels we’ve seen. Energy of chakras flows in clockwise direction as it moves through our body to the field around us, and spins counterclockwise for pulling energy from the external world into our body. It is the frequency of the body chakras that determines the direction of energy flow, whether it will draw energy into the body or release it in the outer surroundings. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

Every chakra located on our body is as important as any other from processing the energy body balance and chakra healing. You would never want extra throat chakra energy and less heart chakra energy; since it doesn’t work like that. Ideally speaking, all the 7 chakras are open, balanced, healed, and humming, enabling a perfect in and out passage of the energy flow. The best part about it is that the human body finds a way for the energy flowing in and out of the body (unless, you are holding on to something). If any of the body chakras is under active or closed, it is most likely that another chakra becomes overactive in order to make up that difference.

The Seven Chakras of a human body are laterally located on the central line of the body, called “SushumnaNaadi”. They are also termed as the entry Gates of Aura that are responsible for our body’s mental, physical, spiritual working and well being. Every single chakra vibrates at different frequency along with a specific color. Chakra healing is done by bringing the chakras to their natural state of balance and vibration. There are different methods of balancing or healing the chakras which includes use of colors, crystals, light, Mantras, sound and touch therapy and more.

As a human body desires to achieve an energy balance in the chakras, going too far with any direction (either under active or overactive) for a single chakra can turn out to yield negative effects in the body along with being counterproductive for the energy body and chakra healing progression. A body chakra that is under active kicks another chakra become overactive, which also pulls extra energy away from the particular part of the human body.  If you want to learn the art of Chakra Healing, you can easily opt for Chakra Healing Therapy Teacher Training in Noida, Delhi and practice daily Chakra Healing.