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Tarot reading Training in NOIDA/Delhi/NCR

Tarot also known as Mirror of the Soul is an ancient practicing art using 78 exemplary cards that represent present, past and future situations in one’s life. Simply undertake the Tarot reading Training in NOIDA/Delhi/NCR for learning to read cards and understand life on archetypal level. A typical Tarot reading Training mirrors the past decisions, […]

Reiki Healing Training in Noida, Delhi/NCR

Reiki Healing Training is rapidly increasing far and wide in India, especially in Noida, Delhi/NCR. However, it is always good to be careful while you’re selecting the class for Reiki Healing Training. Reiki Healing is meant to be easy and quick for anybody to learn. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and […]

Do You Have Fear Anxiety and Stress Seek Mindfulness Help in Noida?

In the 21st century, Mindfulness exercises make a practical resurgence tool for muddling through life and to nurture personal growth. Indeed, Mindfulness practices have become very popular if you have fear anxiety and stress. Seek Mindfulness help in NOIDA for using meditation techniques for anxiety and stress relief-ever for evicting panic attacks. The benefits of […]

Get Past life Regression sessions in NOIDA

Past life regression sessions is the stimulation of hypnotic reverie which involves reliving certain pieces of significant past life. Typically regression is completed with a proficient hypnotist, knowledgeable in the procedure of reviewing past life for awareness, clearing, and healing. There are basically two methods of discovering past lives: firstly spontaneous self-recalling – you may […]

Counselling Sessions on Stress, Anxiety and Relationship Issues

It is essential to feel that some professional is alongside to help you get rid of stress, anxiety and relationship issues. As a counsellor, it comes as a big relief for someone lost in his own inner world of depression which may also seem like other people are cautious of saying only wrong things inadvertently […]

Get Rid of Chronic Pains and Stress of Critical illness

Chronic pains and stress of critical illness is a typical term used for describing pain which lasts beyond a typical time and it takes for an injury or illness to heal. At times chronic pains can lasts for more than three months. Researchers suggests that an average of 30 to 50% people dealing with chronic […]

Meditation & Yoga Classes in Noida, NCR

Meditation & Yoga Classes in Greater Noida, Delhi

Learn Meditation in Noida Noida is a great place to learn Meditations. Noida is Head Quarter of Happy Ho which is premier Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing coaching center. It is a ICF (International Coaching Federation USA) certified center. Happy Ho is Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing brand of Happinessinfinite Solutions Pvt Ltd having their […]

Tarot Card Reading- Where it All Began?

Tarot Card Reading

We all know about it, since ancient times, practice of reading tarot cards have been around. It has been talked about in the whole world in different forms from the time when it was 14th century. If we will have a looks at the ancient documentations to speak about, the first deck of tarot cards […]