Theory of Sujok is based on the principles of traditional oriental medicine, but it is much more than that. It is the foundation theory providing a valid understanding and treatment including Energy-flowing theory and the therapy, harmonization in human’s body; six energy theory for charka and meridian treatment; eight origins theory, mind and emotion treatment through space and time energies. Also there are different alternate correspondence mappings of human body onto the hands.
Talking of Stimulation and Treatment: Sujok Healing contains various methods. One of the methods include walking on feet while working with the hands. This gives constant, arbitrary stimulation on the corresponding points; nonetheless, persistent hand and foot massage or reflexology is always better. There are different methods of stimulation in addition to mechanical pressure. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Application of Sujok Healing:
The initial step of approaching Sujok healing is through understanding the patient’s nature of problem. If it is the case of pain syndrome, or convoyed by pain, it is very important to identify the exact location of the patient’s pain area. Along with that, it is essential for assessing the limitations of visual movements.
The next step is learning to understand the relationship between body and hand. Fundamentally the yin side of body is represented on the hand’s palm; and the yang side is signified on the dorsal side. This allows to correctly examine the corresponding points on the hand. The last and perhaps the most crucial step is to learn the diagnosis by finding the exact corresponding points for the treatment.
Diagnosis Criteria
If there is irritation, pain, spasm, or inflammation in some part of body, it will be reflected in different corresponding system as threshold of low pain palpations, it becomes more sensitive to external pressure. Firstly, find a general corresponding area with increased sensitivity, after which probe in the tiny increments for most sensitive hand or foot prints. Owing to the fairly small size of hand or foot in respect to the body size, small movements on hand may represent comparatively large distance in the body. Press the correct reflex or point that will result in patient wincing, blinking, or quickly drawing the hand or foot away.
The quality of reflex pain is significantly greater because of pressing the non- corresponding points. Merely after seeing the reaction, you will know about the correct points. The sensitivity to pressing any corresponding point owns a direct association to the level of pain in a certain part of the body. Acute or high intensities of pain are termed as great sensitivity area; low intensity chronic pain is imitated as area of less sensitivity. If there is any pain or limitation of body movement, just be assured of a sensitive corresponding point on your hand or foot. You possibly will find the sensitive points, but correct reflux points can be very sensitive.
The key advantages of Sujok healing is its speedy and strong treatment effects that can be achieved without any additional pharmaceutical medical tool or drugs. Sujok therapists in Noida hold a considerably wide ranging options for treatment of diseases including endocrine diseases, chronic and acute gastrointestinal diseases; neurological diseases; cardiovascular diseases; metabolic abnormalities; addiction problems and emotional disturbances.