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Letter to Your Past Self

So often we tend to take ourselves for granted, we expect too much and then berate ourselves when we fall short. Our own self – someone who has stuck with us all these years, has seen us through our bad times and good, is frequently neglected. How long has it been that you have talked […]

Osho: Einstein the Buddha The Birth of a New Religious Consciousness


“Man is entering into a new phase; a new consciousness is to dawn. For at least ten thousand years, as far as consciousness is concerned, nothing new has happened. There have been Buddhas and there have been Albert Einsteins, but we are still waiting for a Buddha who is also an Albert Einstein or an Albert Einstein who is […]

Let us be Humans first – Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Today the world media is talking about the possibility of Aliens descending on the Earth. This possibility excites people in both the
positive and the negative way. Most of us feel certain thrill that we would be able to see how the life evolved on other planets and how we
would relate and communicate with life on other planets.