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What are you cooking during lockdown?

Plate Of Food

In prolonged lockdown, cooking takes centre stage but what’s cooking your mind and heart? Swami Anand Kul Bhushan received intriguing responses when he posed these questions to his friends.  What are you cooking? I texted a young lady in my WhatsApp group after I received a good number of photos of mouth-watering dishes shown off […]

Wake Up And Make This Earth A Paradise

Earth Ocean

10 years ago, there was good news that some scientists had discovered four new planets. Two of the extrasolar planets were considered Super-Earths, more massive than Earth but less massive than Uranus and Neptune. Researchers had said that spotting true Earth-sized planets was challenging with current technology, but the presence of Super-Earths suggests finding a world […]

J Krishnamurti: A Solitary Bird in the Vast Sky of Consciousness

“There must be somewhere something that is not perishable, that is incorruptible, timeless, eternal. That seed has been sown in man from time immemorial. That seed is moving all through mankind, and we have never opened or looked at it, but have said what that seed should be. ” said Jiddu Krishnamurti at a public talk […]

The Death Celebration of Incredible Artist: Irrfan Khan

Thousands of Osho lovers around the world have been paying their heartfelt tributes to Bollywood- Hollywood artist Irrfan Khan who left his body on 29th April in Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, where he was being treated for a colon infection. He was a real artist–and a real artist does not die, he simply leaves his body […]