Besides a large-scale misery for millions of people all over the world, COVID-19 has brought out a certain kind of herd mentality on the surface which is often hidden deep within. The herd mentality is purely instinctual, dominated by fear, a sense of insecurity, and it reacts aggressively as animals do when they fear some attack coming their way. Though Coronavirus is a common foe of humanity, and all nations need collective energy and efforts to deal with it effectively, some nations, for example, China look at it as a golden opportunity to fulfill their agenda of expansion towards neighboring countries. 

But this herd mentality is not confined to China only, it is prevalent in the other countries also. It is going to react with the same unconsciousness which leads to wars. These days China is very friendly towards Nepal and it has also provoked the same herd mentality so much that Nepal has started talking about its own army. India also may have provoked Nepal in some way. 

For centuries Nepal and India have lived like spiritual brothers–though these days there is more talk about younger and elder brother–but this sudden provocation has brought out hatred on the surface. Citizens of Nepal and India have been living together for centuries participating in cultural and spiritual activities of each other, with wonderful freedom. Now a land dispute about a few hundred miles has suddenly wiped away that intimacy. The herd mentality instincts have become dominant and aggressive. In this war, neither Nepal nor India is going to gain anything except some bitterness for a long time, while China fulfills its agenda of expansion. 

Mao Described Tibet Right Palm And Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Arunachal Five Fingers…

“To understand the Doklam face-off, you have to look at China’s supreme leader Mao Zedong’s ‘right-hand palm and five fingers’ strategy. In the 1950s, Mao described Tibet as the right hand palm, while Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, and Arunachal Pradesh are five fingers.” replied Dr. Sangay when asked about how he sees India China’s Doklam face-off.

China has grown enormously. But this growth has happened by torturing its own countrymen, turning them into machines and robots. For communist ideology, materialism is everything, and spirituality, human rights, and compassion have no meaning. That’s why China could eat-up Tibet and now China wants total control over HongKong and Taiwan and has been very busy building a road belt into other countries, as New York Times writes: Belt and Road had become a sensitive subject before the outbreak. But “Some people in China began questioning whether their hard-earned money was being squandered abroad. Despite China’s growing wealth, its households still have incomes less than a quarter of those in developed countries. Its economy has also been shaken by the outbreak, leading it to shrink for the first time since the Mao era.” 

Thanks to Coronavirus, the people of all nations have been forced to stop and think of a new way of living, which humanity had forgotten totally for decades, and was sliding on the slippery path of destructive competition, and no compassion. The coronavirus has shaken the whole humanity to look within. China, that was once home to Tao, Buddhist masters, and Zen, has forgotten its sublime peaks of wholistic glory, and with its herd mentality it will suck everything precious that Nepal stood for. The soul of Nepal is its spirituality that flourished on the glorious heights of Himalayas. The Nepalese politicians who are leaning towards communism cannot see this downhill slide and their countrymen are going to lose something priceless they always had. And India also has to remain vigilant that it does not go the China way. 

This herd mentality lacks this understanding. And the priests and politicians of every country need to feed this mentality to keep it at a low level forever –to maintain their hold on the masses and to continue exploiting masses to the max for their own supremacy. the mob moves with blind passion. An individual moves with consciousness and compassion. Osho wants such awakened individuals–rebellious in spirit–to wake up the whole humanity. 

I conclude with a few words from the enlightened master Osho: A rebel is one who lives totally according to his own light, and risks everything else for his ultimate value of freedom. A rebel is a contemporary person. The mobs are not contemporary. 

Compassion is the ultimate flowering of consciousness. It is passion released of all darkness, it is passion freed from all bondage, it is passion purified of all poison. Passion becomes compassion.