is it necessary to drop one’s relationships in order to progress on the spiritual path?
There is no need to drop any relationship to progress on the path of spirituality.
You just need to understand your present situation. Not the way the world or the other person sees it, but the way it actually is within yourself. The pains and struggles are individual, so each individual has to look at it for themselves.
It is not a question of whether the spiritual path is compatible with relationships or not because they are two completely different dimensions that do not clash anywhere. Spirituality is something that you do within yourself. What you do on the outside is your choice. Whether you want to live in a relationship or alone, whether you want to live in the city or in the mountains, is an individual choice you have to make according to your likes, dislikes, and needs. It has got nothing to do with the spiritual process as such. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
What type of relationship you hold with someone is your personal choice and depends on your needs. It is not because of something spiritual that you have done or someone else has done.
Many people in the world who went on a spiritual process shed their relationships – not because the spiritual path demands it but because they were not able to bear the demands of the relationship. The spiritual path does not demand that you shed your relationships, but relationships often demand that you shed the spiritual path. People choose to shed either this or that.
Let’s not mix up spirituality and relationships because you cannot mix them – one is inside, the other is outside.
Unfortunately, more people have shed their spiritual path for a relationship rather than shedding the relationship for the spiritual path. But at no time are these two in conflict with each other. Your relationship with someone or something is not in conflict with what you do within yourself. Only when a relationship demands that you have to be in a particular way, it becomes an obstacle.
We see this happening sometimes. When someone starts meditating, initially the family is happy because the person’s demands have declined, he or she seems to be peaceful and able to do things better. But as this person goes deeper into it, when he or she can just close their eyes and sit happily, that’s when people start having problems. If this person was going after something or someone, the spouse would know how to handle it. But now when you are just happy by yourself, people become insecure.
But in reality once you are on a spiritual process, your relationship can become so much more mature and beautiful. You will not have stupid expectations about the other person. You can just treat and revere the other person as life. The most reverential aspect here is just life.
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