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What’s In A Name

… ask the parents-to-be or newly minted thus, on how important that decision is. Having scoured the internet for that-which-was-never-heard-of or meant in any name so far in existence, they spend hours creating long lists followed by shortlists, with polls running for THE decision that would change the life of that which was born unbeknownst […]

Eat, Prey and Love

It was a much looked forward to vacation. You see we had barely escaped the clutches of thoughts of a staycation. I mean I just couldn’t get it how folks were so desperate to leave home that they were willing to just go somewhere (in many cases, their own city) and stay some nights in […]

Tipi Tipi Top

…. What colour you want? My daughter asked me if I remembered a particular book she had once procured via a Book festival for children. It was special because it was the first time she had experienced a reading of any book with the author. Well, the truth was it was also my first (or […]