Excerpts from Chaitanya Keerti meditation session
There are four universal truths. The first truth is the unhappiness. This is very much a truth. We can not run away from this truth.
The second truth is that there are reasons for the unhappiness.
The third truth is there are ways to get rid of unhappiness.
And the fourth truth is the absence of unhappiness.
Fisrt of all we all must accept our unhappiness.
Accept it with full heart.
Major first step towards happiness is being witness to your own unhappiness.
Emotional stress and anger are our emotions that we try and supress. Or as the psychologists suggest we express them.
So either we spend energy in suppressing them or we use energy in expressing them. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
But Buddha gave us the third formula, and that is ” be a witness”
It’s easy to witness ideas because they are superficial. But witnessing emotions is a tough task, because they are very deep. They are associated to our hormones at our physical levels.
Buddha suggested a way to become passively alert.
His vipasana practice is all about being passive alert.
Humans do suppress their feelings, especially men. Women up to some extent express their feelings but men are conditioned from their childhood to control their emotions and not express.
With the passage of time as they practice this supression over almost all their emotions they become so complexed that they have to undergo psychological treatments.
Buddha gives us the solution that is beyond psychology.
He says that the moment you become aware of some emotion taking shape inside you, you turn yourself alert about it. Then gradually with practice make this alertness a law of your life.
Before any strong negative feeling like anger or jealousy catches hold of you, you become alert. An alertness on all these levels, physical level and the levels of feelings.
This practice prevents you from entering the zone of repentance. Be alert way before you do any act on the basis of your negative feelings.
Bringing awareness to your life moment to moment is the formula that Budha gave us.
We have to begin at our first level. The physical level. That is our routine life. Be aware at all times. Do not do anything without being aware. Whatever you are doing, do it fully aware about it. Every little thing that you do. Nothing should be mechanical.
Once this is mastered you can cover the next level. That is the level of ideas and thoughts. Become aware of that too. At all times, about all thoughts. It’s a huge battle especially those who are principally planners. Don’t be judgemental. Be aware of all thoughts, no partiality towards good or bad thoughts.
Now comes the emotional level. That’s the deepest level. It’s deep rooted and connected to your roots. To witness here is most difficult but if you have been able to do with first two levels you can easily do this one too.
All emotions take up a lot of energy. To generate passive alertness for emotions is very tough but finally when you are able to do this you have reached your target. You stay within yourself in peace.
Being present in the present moment. From moment to moment is what it is all about. The passive alertness. Then at physical level you will be your master.
When you have reached here, any thought that arises inside you, you will not get into it. You will simply see it, witness it. Now the thought is not your master, you are it’s master. To take it or to not take it is your decision solely.
Same is with emotions and feelings. Before they possess you, you are aware of them and you are able to take it or reject it at your own sweet will.