A company in MP’s Indore is in the news for a different reason. It wants its employees out – no not the way of laying off, but leaving the office at a stipulated time every working day. Sounds strange? Yes, it does!

Probably, the times are getting passe when working rather than sitting late was one of the critical parameters for getting good appraisal, promotion, and raise. In our times, there was a designated time for coming to the office but leaving had no time. Once you were in, you didn’t know when you would leave.

I categorically remember, how people leaving on time were looked down upon by colleagues and management. As if working for 9 hours a day was not enough. Sitting late culture was quite strong then and it caught further momentum with contagious software culture which took it to new heights. Now, even 24 hours were not enough.

Even when we left at past 6 PM (closing time), colleagues would throw surprised glances, some may even question – leaving early? I would curtly reply – I am leaving on time! Somehow, I never appreciated late sitting in the office as a culture and used to tell my colleagues – you are setting the wrong precedence. But no one cared, till they faced some health issues or even worse, were denied promotion over me. I was always promoted well in time, no matter what!

Coming back to the company in Indore, whose counterintuitive strategy comprises flashing the messages on the screen of every computer of its employees at 6:50 PM every day – Your shift time is over. The office system will shut down in 10 minutes. PLEASE GO HOME! What a pleasant message to read, of course after SALARY CREDITED.

Well, this is truly a progressive workplace that values family time for its employees.

If you truly love your job, learning to go home without looking back can empower you to excel. And if you’re not so keen on your place of work, spending the weekend properly can help you adjust to your expectations, your stress levels, and your ability to change things for the better.

What is the importance of leaving the office on time?

However, pushing yourself to leave on time can force you to be more disciplined in the way that you spend your days. In other words, you still get high-priority things done throughout the day, but you spend less time on the things that don’t matter.

The topic may sound strange and pertains to individuals, but it is important to discuss this topic as staying long hours in the office creates a work-life imbalance. It is becoming the root of all physical, mental, and psychological issues. There is a need to balance your responsibilities in the office and enjoy your life outside the office. Your family is your priority. If your family is happy, surely you are more productive in the office. The essence of this is to ensure a high degree of job satisfaction while paying attention to your personal needs and being present in the lives of your family.

There is a need to put your family first as your family deserves a large portion of your time as much as the office responsibilities. Many people make the mistake of completely blocking out their families in the pursuit of official rewards from their jobs, what will these achievements mean without your family? Your family is everything; they are the reason why you are out there working in the first place- in many cases.

Do you believe that working long hours is not an advantage as people might argue that it is beneficial to stay back at work after the official hours to get ahead of others the next day? They also think that it is the best way to rise the corporate ladder. But I don’t support this argument, because if you are meritorious, you will succeed. If you work for 8 hours consistently throughout the day, you will not only finish your work but will save time to enjoy yourself with your family. You need to follow better time – management and be disciplined.

If you are the boss, you should avoid making your subordinates sit late and rather be disciplined about the work allotted to them. Employers should also be educated on how to support their employees to create a good work-life balance for the benefit of their businesses.

You must have heard stories about the rift in families on this subject – sitting late in the office. If your office also decides to flash office shutting time on your screen, it would be a big bonus. I know of certain people whose married life was on the brink as they were unable to spend time together. Partners were never there for any vacation, social or family functions.

Though the topic may sound unassuming it would make a lot of sense if you don’t fall into the trap of late sitting, you will be HappyHo!