What is the difference between a childish person and a person who is like a child? The difference is, the childish person has no awareness at all. Yes, he is innocent: when he feels hungry he feels hungry and he eats, and when he feel sleepy, he sleeps – but his spontaneity has a deeper background of unconsciousness. The spontaneity is there, but it is unconscious. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
When the spontaneity is there and in the background of conciseness is awareness, when the awareness is there and still you don’t interfere with the spontaneous …you are so disciplined in your own concisounss  that you don’t create any unnatural discipline of yourself, your awareness helps you to be natural, to be spontaneous, non-interring, non-repressive, but yet you are aware …..
These two things have to be understood. There are people who are unconscious and innocent, they are childish. They will not enter the kingdom of God, they are not sadhus (Hermits). Then there are people who are conscious and have become unnatural, because of their consciousness they have started interfering with their natural life. These people are so called monks, sadhus, they are also not ready for the kingdom of God.
A new combination, a new synergy is needed: awareness with spontaneity. That is what indian sufi mystic Kabir mean when he says Sahaj Samadhi. Shaj means spontaneity, and Samadhi means awareness: Spontaneous awareness. If  awareness interfere with your spontaneity, you have missed. If your spontaneity goes against awareness, you have missed. A sadhu is one who is both together: Sahajai  Kaya  Sadho. 
Says Kabir, purify your body in the simple, natural, spontaneous way. Don’t fight with the body- this is the message.The body is yours, the body is you, don’t create any enmity with the body.
The christians, the hindus, the mohammedans, the Jainas, – they all have been fighting with the body. Some how a very wrong notion has become very prevalent: that the body is the obstacle towards God. It is not so, not at all! the body has nothing to do with it. The body is a vehicle: if you want to use the vehicle to go to hell, it will take you to hell, if you want to go to heaven, it will take you to heaven. The vehicle is simply available, wherever you want to go. IF you want to go outside, it will take you outside, IF you want to go inwards, it will take you inwards. The vehicle is just a vehicle, it is tremendously beautiful, tremendously cooperative. The body is so co-operative that even when you start destroying body it cooperate.
Such a beautiful body, such a friendly body  – and you have been taught to be against it, and you have been taught that the body is evil, or that the body belongs to the devil, Don’t listen to the body,you are embodied in it you are rooted in it. It is your soul: you have to grow out of it, you have to be nourished by it.