A meditator who is vulnerable, passive, open and receptive, feels that with these characteristics he suffers due to the influence of the non meditative, negative and tense vibrations around him. And how he can preserve his vulnerable psyche from the harmful vibrations. 
IF someone is really vulnerable, nothing is negative for him – because the negative is his interpretation. Nothing is harmful to him because the harmful is his interpretation. If he is really open, than nothing can harm him. Nothing can be felt as harmful. you feel something is negative and something is harmful because you resist, because you are against it, because there is no acceptance of it. This has to be deeply understood. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The enemy exist there because you are protecting yourself against him. The enemy is there because you are not open. If you are open, then the whole existence is friendly: it cannot be otherwise. Really, you will not even feel it as friendly – it is simply friendly. There is no feeling even that it is friendly, because that feeling can exist only with the contrary feeling of enmity.
Let me put it in this way : if you are vulnerable, it means you are ready to live in insecurity. Deep downs it means you are ready even to die. You will not resist, you will not oppose, you will not stand in the way. If death comes, there will be no resistance. You will simply allow it to happen. You accept existence it its totality. Then how can you feel it as death?
If you deny, then you can feel it as the enemy. If you don’t deny, how can you feel it as the enemy? The enemy is created by your denial. Death cannot harm you because the harm is your interpretation.Now no one can harm you; it has become impossible.
This is the secret of Taoist teaching.Lao Tzu’s basic teaching is this. If you accept, the whole existence is with you, it cannot be otherwise. IF you deny you create the enemy. The more you deny, the more you defend, the more you protect, the more enemies are created. The enemies are your creation. They not there outside; they exist in your interpretation.
Once you can understand this, then this question can never arise. You cannot say, I am a meditative, I am vulnerable, open, so now how am I to defend myself against negative vibrations around me? Nothing can be negative now.What does the negative mean? the negative means that which you want to deny, that which you don’t want to accept, that which you think is harmful. Then you are not open, then your are not in a meditative state.
The question arises only intellectually, this is not a felt question. You have not tasted meditation, you have not known it. You are simply thinking and that thinking just a supposition. You suppose, if I meditate and become open, than i will be in insecurity. The negative vibration will enter in me and they will be harmful. Than how am i to defend myself? this is a supposed question. Don’t bring supposed questions to me. They are futile, irrelevant.
Meditate, become open and then you will never have this question, because in the very opening the negative will have disappeared. Than nothing is negative. And if you think that something is negative, you cannot become open. you will be closed; you cannot open. The very fear that something can harm you ….. how can you become vulnerable? that is why it is emphasised the fact that unless the fear of death disappear from you, you cannot become vulnerable you cannot be open. You will remain closed in your own mind, in your imprisonment.