You may have many weaknesses, but much strength too. It is good to know your weaknesses, not to brood upon them but to win them over. Think positive thoughts about your gifted skills, competencies, and your good qualities and they will thrive. Find the flow and flow with the flow. Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari Related posts: No […]

We are so engrossed with the routine tasks that we often forget that the purpose of all actions is to rise higher in our consciousness so that we can identify with the infinite gifts that keep pouring upon us. Pause, just sit quietly if you have time and watch your breaths, feel how the whole […]

It is indeed so difficult to remember that in this physical world nothing is permanent. A truly happy person never forgets this law of impermanence, and is always conscious of the reality that he owns nothing, that all ownership is with the Divine. The sole purpose of human birth is to be in the world but […]