He alone can win who has realized the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death. Then there is no ego struggle, no control or domination. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose! When we raise both of our arms in total surrender to the Divine, then the Grace takes over and life becomes a flow. […]

Morning is the time to first resolve that you may make the same mistakes that you made in the past but this time instead of self-criticisms and more frustrations you will adopt the path of taking deeper breaths, keeping calm and mindful of the little chores of daily life and do them consciously. Resolve too […]

Watch your thoughts; if they are uplifting you really feel uplifted. If they are depressive, you feel pulled down into an abyss. Indeed you are but your mind. Feed it well with healthy thoughts of divine vibrations, with Naam smarana (chanting the Holy Name) so that you are not so easily afflicted by the virus […]

Don’t always do the same thing the same way. Let every action become a tool for transformation. The more you are externalized, the more you lose touch with core reality of “live life inside out”. Life is invaluable; wake up. Every moment is precious. Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari   Related posts: No related posts.