Avoid words of complaining. Even if things are not up to your expectations, try to create positive vibrations with your presence and good words. What is the use of complaining, you are here to add positive vibrations, not to intensify the existing negative situations of life. Be the positive force; stand firm with conviction that […]

The only way we realize the infinite power of mind is to calm it down. Practitioners of meditation and mindfulness are not irritated or frustrated with external provocation. Non-judgmental awareness opens the gates to inner peace. Be responsive and not reactive. Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari Related posts: No related posts.

Don’t take anything for granted. The world is under the law of change and impermanence. Make sure through all your mindful acts you earn a lot of good karma everyday so that you can fill yourself with gratitude for the One who is beyond change and is eternal. He/She alone deserves your full attention and […]