Meditate on the fact that all our problems in life comes when we live the “me first syndrome”. True awakening to the purpose of life happens when we change that attitude to “thy will be done” which needs trust and patience. Each day is given to us to intensify this practice of surrendering our ego […]

Whatever the external situation, know that it has come to pass. But how we handle it depends upon our way of interpretation. It is not the situation, but our mental constructs that creates its meaning. If the mind is rooted to its essence of calm and purity then we can stay calm, non-reactive, and what […]

Each day is an opportunity to live life more mindfully and happily. Honor the law of giving. Whatever you give comes back to you. Give love, give forgiveness, give all that you wish to receive from the divine. Make sure you feed or help some destitute or bring smiles to someone who is in pain. […]

Never wait for good days to come and happiness to greet you. Take a step forward, feel the air, the light, the smell, the touch, and the music of love from Mother all around you. This moment, close your eyes, feel it, feel it deeply, and fill yourself with gratitude for happiness is this moment […]

The path to inner peace opens up when we realize the simple reality that this whole universe is being governed by One and it follows an order, that order is dharma, which is Sanatana, eternal, and it is prudent to follow that order, which alone can help us keep our mind away from all distractions […]