Extroversion helps happiness to grow

According to K. Magnus and his colleagues, happiness goes hand in hand with the capacity to assert one self with extroversion and empathy – happy people are generally open to the world. They believe that an individual can exert control over herself and her life, while unhappy people tend to believe themselves to be destinies play things.

It is always easy when the sailing is smooth. But when out of the blue a dark cloud covers the sun it makes us feel as if the sun is not there, but with time the clouds clear off and the sun shines again. Every event and happening in life comes with its divine message; […]

The only way we could bring happiness to our life is to dwell on the positive things that happened to our life, fill our mind with thoughts of blessings and gifts, and see in all that is negative happenings of a passing phase to give us a better tomorrow. Every painful event of life that […]

When something does not happen as planned or expected then don’t stress, just calm down and wait for the Divine to tell you what is there in the higher Mind. You will always realize at the end that whatever God does at any point of time is most beneficent to us. Just fill your heart […]

If you can bring Mindfulness to the simple things of daily life, you will see that you are not rushing from one task to the other, nor are you straining your brain with multi-tasking; you are able to perform one act at a time, with more ease and perfection. Your thoughts would be less random […]