Why Meditation Chairs?

Mediator sowing the right piece of meditation furniture always hold a big plus, as it is a wonderful way to get comfortable with the practice sessions. Having the best meditation chair is extremely helpful for people, needing back support, or undergoing any physical difficulty or having any discomfort on the floor.

Meditation is to be conscious of consciousness, aware of awareness, to be the witness of all the fleeting things of changing phenomena of life. Everything else requires your doing; meditation is a state of non-doing. Just sit with your body-mind for a few minutes and observe non-judgmentally the sensations of your body and passing thoughts […]

There are people who always talk of their problems and suffer from negative inner conversations. This is the state where your mind is your own enemy. This is ego-dominated mind. As you lift both your hands in surrender to the will of the Lord and follow the path of your spirit soul, you feel a […]

We spend our life doing and doing and doing! We work hard, earn, procure food and eat, but never ever sit quietly and contemplate the fact that eating is our doing, but digestion? Who metabolises the food into energy? Who breathes in us without out knowledge and keeps us going and doing? Before it is […]