All happenings in life have deep messages from higher world. As such we are being processed to realize that only patience and perseverance pay in the world of light, to go through all the karmic patches with patience and persevere through the path of love and surrender. That is the way to enter the world […]

Gift some happy moments to a dying person

Believe as you sit by the dying person that you are sitting by someone who has the true potential to be a Buddha. Imagine their buddha nature as a shining and stainless mirror and all their pain and anxiety a thin, grey mist on it that can quickly clear. This will help you to see them as loveable and forgivable and draw out of your unconditional love

To be conscious of your consciousness, to be aware of your mind’s thoughts and feelings gradually distills your mind to discriminate between the temporal and the permanent. You evolve as you feel God’s love possessing you and not worldly attachments and consequently inevitable miseries. Only divine love is manifest in the whole of creation. To […]

To be in the present and in the freshness of Now, you have to withdraw your mind from all regrets of what you did not do right or could have done differently to be happy related to your past fears and anxieties of the unseen future. Your soul goes through the process of karma, accept […]

Though divine grace is perennial and all enveloping yet we have to apply our consistent effort to experience this reality. The lesser the worldly distractions and deeper the attraction for the Divine Lord, the gates to divine love and bliss open up for each one of us. Let us set our inner compass to the […]