Spirituality is to return back to your innate naturalness. You are nature. It is separation from nature that is causing all pains and sufferance in life. As you practice meditation and live mindful moments your masks will fall off and your natural self will blossom into a radiant being of light which you are in […]

Sincere prayers are always granted. Your best prayer is more of a conversation between you and the Divine Presence. Fill yourself with love and gratitude when you converse with God. When you talk more about what He has given rather than what He has not, the doors to receive His bounty open up for universe […]

Mahashivaratri is celebration of Opposites

Shivaratri and Valentine”s day this year are celebrated on same day. It is a unique coincidence but a very significant one. It bring the opposites together. At a deeper state Shivratri contains both. Osho says Tantra is the search for the rhythm of the opposites, of contradictions. Contradictory, opposite stand point become one in tantra. […]