Do you lose interest fast?

“No amount of effort can make up for a lack of interest.” Are you the one who loses interest and enthusiasm fast? Do you start with motivation, energy, and high hopes, but lose them after a short time? It so happens that you lose interest in one of your favourite hobbies or activity. You start […]

Are you a “quick fix” addict?

You would ask: One can be addicted to so many other things, how could one be a quick fix addict? It is a solution that joins broken things. It provides an instant solution to a problem. It works well temporarily and we use it as and when required. It is a first aid for any […]

If one starts listening to one’s heart, there is no need to listen to any other commandment . Then existence goes on whispering within you and showing you the way . Related posts: Communicate Effectively! Value friends, value friendship! Make others feel special… Here’s How You Can Attend To Your Uncomfortable Emotions

Only soul-centered life can uplift you to calm and peace for that is what Soul is all about! Life is indeed a moment-to-moment choice! Related posts: Meditation – A mantra for inner peace! What top actor says about meditation Are your dreams making you impatient? Chains are in your head! Do you love dancing in […]

Remember your uniqueness! Love yourself, respect yourself, respect your own voice; listen to it and follow it. It is better to go to hell following your own voice than to go to heaven following somebody else’s, because that heaven won’t prove much of a heaven; you will be just a blind follower. Related posts: