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With ego, life is a misery because if you are rooted in some- thing false you cannot celebrate. Only truth can release the energies of celebration in you. Only truth can become a song in your heart. The ego is the greatest lie: all other lies are by- products of it. And because it is […]

Unless your heart sings and dances you are not really living , you are only dragging. Fulfilling certain duties , going through certain rituals , somehow managing and maintaining a facade . But deep inside , there is emptiness and a great trembling because one knows in the deepest part of the heart that life […]

A dance is pure when the dancer dissolves into it, when the dancer is no longer there, when you cannot find the dancer and only the dance remains. That’s what meditation in sannyas is, ecstasy is, and ultimately that’s what existence is. Related posts: Naatu Naatu your way to life! Do you love dancing in […]

Be a true king. The beauty of the inner kingdom is that there is no competition: you have your kingdom, I have my own, and they never collide, they never overlap. Each person has an inner world so vast, where there is no competition, no fight, no quarrel with anybody. Related posts: “Natural” not “Cosmetics” […]

The moment one starts seeking and searching for oneself, one becomes the blessed one. The inquiry itself is the beginning of the transformation. The more passionate the inquiry is, the sooner the transformation will come. Make it intense, make it total. Related posts:

Meditation releases great creativity. It is an explosion; all your seeds start sprouting. For the first time, you see how much potential you were carrying within yourself: a great garden with so many flowers, such beautiful bushes and trees and so many birds singing… A whole paradise! But we are not ordinarily aware of it. […]

Live your life like a river. As river remains pure, fresh and flowing. It is always alive with the feeling of joy because there is always a surprise awaiting , there is wonder. “What is going to happen next?” Give yourself freedom to flow towards the unknown with joy . Related posts: Is freedom related […]

Although a bee gathers honey from many flowers, it never destroys any of the flowers. It is very artful, very gracious. It does not hurt. In fact, the flower feels tremendously joyous when a bee comes to it. It is really a compliment. And the bee is never destructive. It collects whatsoever it needs, but […]