Everybody has the seed to become a beautiful flower of love, a lotus. But very few people have been able to become it, for the simple reason that very few people are alert; they can’t discriminate what is what. Watch how many things are pretending to be love. If they are love, they cannot create […]

In meditation when you touch your inner core, all of a sudden silence descends. This silence is musical, for it fills every cell of your body with the music of the spheres. Related posts: A Look Inside A Spiritual Community | Papae Meditation Retreat 10 DAY VIPASSANA RETREAT | my silent meditation retreat experience. *life-changing.* […]

With ego, life is a misery because if you are rooted in some- thing false you cannot celebrate. Only truth can release the energies of celebration in you. Only truth can become a song in your heart. The ego is the greatest lie: all other lies are by- products of it. And because it is […]

“Harder the route, greater the journey.” Related posts: Meditation Guru Books – Enlightenment on Paper Learning meditation by best guru Jude Aburdan The Power of Habit | Jude Aburdan Unleashing the Profound Art of Healing: A Journey with Goddesses and Dragon Energies Reach your goals, well in time!

Are your dreams making you impatient?

Do you know what your dreams are?  A dream can be described as a series of images, thoughts, desires, or emotions that pass through your mind. It is a wonderful thing you can create in your imagination, most often related to your future. It is something you wish and hope to achieve someday. Based on this, […]

Planning to give up? Take a pause!

I recently met my music school fellow during a music concert. He has been learning classical singing for many years and puts in a lot of effort to learn, though he is not from any musical background. Moreso he is a senior Govt. official which makes the task even more challenging. I was quite delighted […]

As you go deeper into silence, desires disappear. They exist only on the circumference, like waves existing on the surface. If you dive deep into the ocean, there are no waves. So desires are just on the circumference of consciousness. If you dive deep… The deeper you go, the farther away are desires. Related posts: […]