Why Crying Is Good For You

Letting a tear or two roll down isn’t so bad. Let’s see why! Crying Makes You Feel Good/Light Ever felt lighter after crying for some good amount of time? That’s because when you cry, the body releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These feel good hormones relieve you of both physical and […]

Love, bliss, meditation, truth, all need great strength. One has to be together. Ordinarily people are just fragments. There are thousands of pieces, but there is no integrity. To be weak means to be divided, to be undivided is strength. And whenever you are divided, you literally become an individual, the word individual means indivisible. […]

A dance is pure when the dancer dissolves into it, when the dancer is no longer there, when you cannot find the dancer and only the dance remains. That’s what meditation is sannyas is, ecstasy is, and ultimately that’s what existence is. Slowly, slowly, learn how to dissolve. Dissolve in any act, then that act […]

Life is a miracle . In fact there is no explanation for it , for why it should be . Neither the philosopher nor the theologian , nor even the scientist , has been able to explain why life should exist at all . And I don’t think it is ever going to be explained […]

If you walk the spiritual path then don’t expect it to be easy. The higher your spiritual state, more difficulty you will be called upon to face. Practice of meditation is not to have all that you wish, meditation is not a wish fulfilling tree, rather it takes you to a state where all your […]

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