Katy Collins the girl who was jilted by her fiance a day before their wedding has found happiness in her own very special way. The ‘Backpacking Bride’  from Formby, Merseyside quit her PR job, sold her house and car, and went travelling around the world after her fiancé left her in 2012.
She recorded her travels in her travel blog and now her travel blog has been turned into a book. The Katy’s book, ‘The Lonely Hearts Travel Club’ was release on 21st January 2016.
In a recent interview she said that she felt compelled to embark on her adventure in order to ‘make something good comes out of a bad situation’.
She also revealed that the thing she misses most about England is ‘proper pub grub’ and that since her new found fame she has been on the receiving end of a stream vlog of proposals from smitten strangers.
On speaking about what had given her the strength to embark on a round-the-world adventure following her break-up.
She replied: ‘I just kind of knew deep down that I wanted to make something good come out of what was a really horrible, confusing and upsetting situation, and I decided to go completely opposite.
‘Everyone was saying to me: “The world is your oyster,” so I decided to go and see if that was true.’
When asked if her adventures had not inspired many people, but led to Katy getting proposals from men, she coyly replied: ‘Yeah. This week has just been insane, I never expected any of this to happen. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Her book deal was granted after she turned her experiences into a popular blog, called Not Wed Or Dead.
She confided that she had never imagined she’d be a published author, adding: ‘It’s a dream come true. Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved to write and I’ve also found out the news today that it’s going to be taken into paperbacks in three weeks’ time.”
Since embarking on her adventure, Katy has already visited Thailand, India, Nepal, France and South America.
But she admitted that she would be returning home eventually. ‘I miss my friends and family too much, and English food,’ she said. ‘Pub grub – you can’t get that anywhere.’
Her appearance comes as her former fiancé claimed that the pair had in fact split up three months before the wedding.
Thom Soutter, 30, a London City legal worker, said he broke up with Katy in February 2012, despite her claims that she was left on what was meant to be the couple’s big day.