Just to understand the nature of greed is enough. You need not do anything else to get rid of it. The very understanding will clarify the whole mess.
You are full if you are in tune with the universe. If you are not in tune with the universe,  than you are empty, utterly empty. And out of that emptiness comes greed – Greed is to fill it, with money, houses, furnitures, with friends, lovers, with anything, as one cannot live as emptiness. It is horrifying, it is a ghost life. If you are empty and there is nothing inside you, it is impossible to live. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
To have the feeling that you have much inside you, there are only two ways.  You can get in turne with universe -then you are filled with the whole, with all the flowers and with all the stars. They are within you just as they are without you. That is real fulfilment. But if you dont do that – and millions of people are not doing that – then the easiest way is to fill it with junk.
Greed simply means you are feeling deep emptiness and you want to fill it with anything possible – it does not matter what it is. Once you understand it than there is no need to do anything about greed. You have to do something about coming into communion with the whole, so the inner emptiness disappear. With in all greed disappears.
That does not mean you start living naked; it simply means you do not live just to collect things. Whenever you need something you can have it. But there are mad people all over the world, and they are collecting things. Somebody is collecting money, although he never uses it. It is strange – a thing has to be used; if it is not used than there is no need for iti. But this situation can take any direction: People are eating; they are not feeling hungry and still they go onn swallowing. They know it is going to create suffering, they will be sick, they will get fat, but they cannot prevent themselves. This eating is also a filling up process. So there can be many ways to try and fill the emptiness, Although it is never full – it remains empty, and you remain miserable because never enough. More is needed, and the “more” and the demand for more is unending.