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Ancient Greece Already Knew What We Know Today About Tackling Stress!

Before we dive into what Stoics had to say about stress, let us first understand a little about the school.  Stoicism was a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium, in Athens, in the early 3rd century BC. The Hellenistic school supported a philosophy of personal ethics informed by its system of logic […]

Looking at some Goddesses from the Indian Folk Tales!

Ever wondered why the sun crosses the sky? Or why most men love tobacco? Let’s see how the traditional tales from various regions of India attempt at answering these questions, with their very own Goddesses being the protagonist of these stories! Tambaku In Madhya Pradesh, tribals narrate the story about a young woman named Tambaku […]

Have You Ever Hosted A ‘Cleaning Party’?

We usually believe that we are in the ‘right’ state to receive our friends when we’ve tidied up our sofas, hidden the packs of chips and chocolates, dusted the magazines and the books, fluffed up our cushions, hidden our wrecked diaries under the mattress, put together a three-course meal (a meal I’d never feed myself […]

Coping With A Couple’s Financial Crisis, One Step At A Time!

A financial crisis can affect not only your professional or personal life but most importantly, your health. It can make you feel as if turning things around will be impossible.  Two of the most common effects are anxiety and depression. And these two walk hand-in-hand. When one is anxious most of the time, they increase […]

Education is process of closures and new beginnings

Today I was wondering as to what creates the desire for learning in students in and beyond classroom. While we all know that effective teaching is 20% content and 80% education process and we also believe that any process that begins also ends. In the context of teaching, instead of bringing closure to a lesson […]

The Existential Concerns of Death & Freedom

Existential Psychotherapy. Existential Psychotherapy is a dynamic approach which attends to certain ultimate universal concerns that are rooted in an individual’s very existence, explains Irvin D. Yalom. His book, Existential Psychotherapy, addresses four of these concerns, each defined by a spectrum with two ends between which a human is sure to oscillate and feel conflicted […]

Have You Ever Heard About ‘Sadharanikaran’?

Sadharanikaran, an Indian theory of communications and one of the significant theories in Sanskrit poetics, has its root in Natyashastra and is identified with Bhattanayaka, refers to the attainment of sahridayata (a state of common orientation) by the communicating parties. When a sender and receiver accomplish the process of sadharanikaran,they attain saharidayata and become sahrdaya […]

Have You Ever Experienced The State Of ‘Flow’?

What is ‘Flow’? Have you ever been so engrossed in performing a certain activity that almost lost track of what’s happening in your immediate environment? You enjoyed the task so much that you became oblivious to everything else. You could be reading a book, stitching a napkin or watering your garden for quite some time […]