People say, “I love my dog”, “I love chocolates”, “I love my wife”. Love and the relationships it helps build are a very essential part of everyday life. And there essential-ness traces itself back to the times of Aristotle, a philosopher who lived in ancient Greece. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at his perspective on relationships.
Aristotle talks about three kinds of relationships. These are:

Relationship of Pleasure
This happens when you and your partner are all about sex, drugs and partying. You share emotionless sex and laughter but your seemingly good chemistry exists only on the surface, things never go deep. It’s all about entertaining the body and not the soul. Such partners are basically sexmates or egomates and never become anything further. They can never help you achieve true happiness.

.Relationship of Utility

This happens when you pick a partner primarily to use them for their money, power or beauty. A trophy wife or husband would be an apt example for this. Again, here it is more about fulfilling your materialistic or bodily needs. You are unable to look beyond their wallets or status or face. Such a relationship is very unlikely to bring you true happiness (because you aren’t looking for it either, right?)
Relationship of Shared Virtue

This happens when you and your partner are committed towards helping each other grow as a person. They are willing to read the chapters of the book that is you, understand what’s written and mark the bits where they can help you become better. Here the deal goes down to the level of the soul and is likely to bring authentic happiness. Such are the bonds of the heart, of love.

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