And that power which disciple shall covet is that which shall make him appear as nothing in the eyes of men. 
It is very necessary that you understand this correctly. If you feel that you have a desire for spirituality, but hidden inside that desire is a wish that people will touch your feet when they see you, than you are wrong. IF you wish such things than you are nothing but a politician in the guise of monk. Your nature is that of politician. IF you think that the day you attain to spirituality and become a wise man, you will show people what you are made of, they will witness your miracles – if you have any such wish hidden inside you, you are making a mistake in treading the the path of religion. It would be better for you to go into the politics. That would be more honest and clear.
I see monks, I see holy men: there search is also fundamentally political. They are also interested in people coming to know of their power. They are not just interested in attaining inner power – there interest is in people knowing about it. Even if they have no such power, they are satisfied if people talk about them. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
When the birth of real power takes place only a few people can recognise it. Whether it can be recognise or not is of no concern to the seeker. IF people can recognise it, it will do them so good; if they cannot, that is their misfortune. But the seeker himself is not at all concerned with all of this. He is only concerned with how his search can make him powerful; ” what I am in the eyes of other people is the concern of other people’s eyes. that is their problem, it is does not concern me. ” And if the seeker keeps this awareness he wil become a nothingness. People will not be able to recognise him from the outside, because the things that outer – oriented people recognise will not be present in him.