Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Wellness of an individual depends upon the wellness of humanity. We can’t be healthy in a sick society.  If there is one negative family member or boss in the workplace the whole atmosphere is polluted. That is the impact of the part on the Whole. Let us accept this reality and as a part always contribute to the Wellness of the Whole. We can contribute positively by cultivating a healthy life style and a holistic attitude.
One of the research findings of Harvard University tells that a good relationship with family and friends gives us good health and a longer life. As such our thoughts and beliefs have a lot to do with our wellness. Happy positive thoughts create an inner atmosphere of growth, while an unhappy state of mind creates inner resistance and stress leading to loss of health. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
When our mind is not given to all that is wrong in the world, or in our family, or in our own life, then the mind has only one option, it can dwell on the thoughts of all that is right in the world, right in the family, right in our own life. It is our choice. This choice is the greatest power that God has given us. Which company do we prefer?
Each one of us have a sacred space inside of us, it is the place of rest. We visit that every time we go into deep sleep. But we can also visit that space through the doors of deep contemplation and meditation. We need to inspire our children at home to find time to sit quietly seeking that quiet place within. Just as the whole family sharing the food together has a powerful effect on harmonizing the family so also doing meditation and yoga practices together can transform the aura of the home and create a space of peace for all to breathe and be happy.
When we spend quality time with our family or good friends and share our genuine presence, enjoy the moments and not allow the speculative mind to run random between past and future, something happens to us. It is not something we have been seeking; it is something we can’t explain, a deep feeling of good. It is like the aroma of incense that surrounds us in a divine intoxication. Yes, though happiness happens, yet it needs our relaxed calmer mind to manifest its eternal beauty. It doesn’t need much just our loving Presence in the present.
Then every member of our family, our friends at work or in the community feels that we are in a mood to give and give and give. And every time we give we dance inside seeing the eternal Eyes of the Universe watching our acts of compassion. Then we have brought Dharma to the simple things of daily life and our love for our family or the larger family of God is spontaneous. Then we are truly contributing to the wellness of our self, our family and the global family of humanity!