The media that we have access to now a days 24X7 is in fact our window to the world. And whatever we watch, read and listen through this window becomes a part of our internal voice.
Have you ever thought about the impact of stress and drama in the form of reality TV, movies, violent-themed video games and music with dis-empowering messages we are inviting that reality into our lives?
If not then it’s the right time to sit back and take a note.
The researches have found that when we surround ourselves with media vlog and messages that inspire, uplift or challenge us to expand our thinking we add positivity to our internal world. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
This idea has been included in the teachings on Nada yoga, the yogic art and science of union and transformation through sound and tone.
Essentially, what we listen to has the power to move us towards joy, happiness and liberation or away from it.
So a good idea is to pay a little extra attention to what messages you are taking in and how it is contributing to how you feel. Then make a switch if possible.
For example if you are driving in the car and feeling very anxious and overwhelmed, pay attention to what is on the radio.
Is the news on? Or are you listening to songs that demean women or glorify violence, destructive behaviors or destructive relationships?
What happens if you change the channel or turn off the radio or turn on a carefully select the station?
You will feel the noticeable change.
So, be sensible and select your media input wisely and stay in a happy state of mind for longer than usual.