Witnessing is the only method of non doing, Otherwise everything becomes a doing. What ever we do, the feeling of the doer permeates it, and on the level of the doer, Victory is not possible. On that level we choose one party over the other – once we have chosen a particular side, the other side automatically begins to strengthen. A day comes when we are forced to choose the other side. And when we favour the other side, the first side begins to gain strength. And so we go one moving between this duality. The name of this duality is this World.
There is only one method for going beyond duality, and that is not to choose between the dualities, but to watch them. What does this mean? this means when a sexual drive comes up , you watch that it is there. When sexual drive comes up, experience it and feel it taking you over from all sides. Do not fight it, but simply understand that it has taken hold of you. Whatever it makes you do, do it, but stand aloof and go on watching that. It is making you do this and this – just as if you were a spectator watching a game. Have no quarrel with it. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Even after your sexual desire has reached its peak, even during this time keep on watching – that now this and this is happening. When sexual desire begins to wane and move down from its peak even than watch: now sexual desire is disappearing and repentance is taking hold of the mind. Watch this also: repentance intesifying and thoughts of celibacy arising.
If you have watched this whole sequence from the state of a witness, you will understand that the sexual desire and celibacy are not two separate things, but the rise and the fall of the same wave. The day you understand this – that sexual desire and celibacy are both desires that sex is the rising of the wave and celibacy is the falling of the wave, that anger is the rising of the wave and repentance is the falling, that the world is the rising wave, and Sanyaas is falling of the wave – the day you see the these are connected, you will discover that you are begining to win without even being a warrior. Choosing will stop, choicelessness will be born. What is there to choose between now? if they are one and the same, then there is nothing left to choose between. And when three is nothing left to choose between you have started slipping out of the duality.