Patience is a beautiful word. Often it is used with word waiting. While both the words have magical qualities. Patience is waiting with trust. And waiting has a desire of something to happen.

Therefore Patience has more qualitative waiting. Waiting can loose its hope but in patience the trust grows with every passing moment. Most seekers have chosen Patience over waiting. Patience is infinite trust on happening. While, waiting can bring hopelessness and is finite only as much as our thoughts. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

We are loosing the quality of patience. We are restless because we bring the world inside us. We allow the pace of world to drive us. We get terribly carried away with the pace and become restless. Patience is utter relaxation But for people today the very thought of relaxing scares them. Why are we so scared of relaxing. We always want to be in control of something and are not ready to let go.

Actually we are always waiting for some thing to happen, some thing new. We see some one is waiting is for a promotion to happen at work, someone is waiting for a marriage to happen in life, someone is waiting at bus stop and someone is waiting for death to happen. Wife is waiting for husband and husband is waiting for wife to come. And we think that waiting is life. And we say that life is becomes boring. We are busy waiting all the time.

If there is nothing to do we run to a movie theatre or go to a picnic. We have our own defenses to deal with boring times. It is not the time that has become boring. Actually we have become bored with ourselves for doing and repeating the same things again and again out of waiting.

Therefore anything in time needs to be addressed with the quality of patience. Patience is a different quality. A man of patience is possessed with all the time in the world. We see a different grace altogether, in his eating, walking, and listening.

A man of Patience is not in mind, he is in heart. Patience arises when you have exhausted all your efforts of waiting and doing. Than the higher in existence takes charge of you and make things happen at its pace and you enjoy that mystery and adventure with gratitude and love.